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5966 blowup

NRG Systems Class 1 Anemometer

Class 1 Anemometer Sensor

The NRG Systems Class 1 anemometer is a ball-bearing version of the industry-leading NRG #40C anemometer...

6625 WindSensor P2546C

WindSensor P2546C Cup Anemometer

The WindSensor P2546C anemometer is a dependable wind measurement sensor constructed of durable materials, including anodized aluminum and stainless steel...

vector a100

Vector A100

First class advanced
Fully compatible with NRG Data Loggers

An industry standard anemometer. An optical sensor ensures no contact measurement with a high pulse output frequency for quantifying turbulence. The anemometers are individually calibrated in-house by Vector. They require 1mA @ 12 V.

windy Sensor

Thies Clima Wind Sensor

First class advanced
Fully compatible with NRG Data Loggers

For site assessment and measurement of power performance of wind energy power plants.

Wind Direction Sensor

Thies Clima Wind Direction Sensor

First class advanced
Fully compatible with NRG Data Loggers

The wind direction transmitter serves for the detection of the horizontal wind direction in the field of meteorology and the technology of environmental protection.

W200P Potentiometer Windvane

Vector W200P Potentiometer Windvane

Fully compatible with NRG Data Loggers

The W200P Potentiometer Windvane incorporates a precision wire-wound potentiometer as a shaft angle transducer, enabling wind direction sensed...

Temperature Sensor

NRG #110S Temperature Sensor with Radiation Shield

Durable integrated circuit temperature sensor provides a high level voltage output signal. Ideal for collecting temperature data for energy density calculations and monitoring air temperature at remote sites.

2046 NRG

NRG #BP20 Barometric Pressure Sensor

Absolute pressure sensor which provides a high level voltage output signal that is proportional to absolute pressure.

1948 Li-Cor

Li-Cor #LI-200SZ Pyranometer

The Li-Cor #LI-200SZ pyranometer is an excellent general purpose solar radiation sensor...

6889 Hukseflux

Hukseflux LP02 Pyranometer

The Hukseflux LP02 pyranometer is a solar radiation sensor that is compliant with ISO 9060...

2226 tipping Bucket

Tipping Bucket

This tipping bucket rain gauge provides inexpensive, accurate rainfall measurement...

1904 NRG

NRG #200P Wind Direction Vane, 10K, With Boot

The industry standard wind direction vane used worldwide. Thermoplastic and stainless steel components resist corrosion and contribute to a high strength-to-weight ratio.

4415 Relative Humidity Sensor

Relative Humidity Sensor RH-5X

RH-5X continuous measurement relative humidity sensor.