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spn 1

SPN1 - Sunshine Pyranometer

  • Direct-Normal Irradiance
  • Global & Diffuse irradiance
  • Measures solar radiation and sunshine duration
cmp 11

CMP 11 Pyranometer
Secondary Standard Sensor

CMP 11 uses the temperature compensated detector technology...

cmp 6

CMP 6 Pyranometer
First class Sensor

The CMP 6 pyranometer is intended for routine global solar radiation measurement research on a plane/level surface.


Shadow Band

The Shadow Band is used with a pyranometer for measurement of diffuse sky radiation

calliberated solar cell

Solar Reference Cell

Perfect for a wide variety of industries where the precision measurement of solar energy is essential...

sun tracker

Sun Tracker

The Sun Tracker is an all-weather, reliable and affordable tracking and positioning instrument...

sr 20

SR20 pyranometer
Secondary Standard Sensor

SR20 is a pyranometer of the highest category in the ISO 9060 classification system: secondary standard.

Sr 12

SR12 pyranometer
First class Sensor

First class pyranometer for solar energy test applications...

1904 NRG

NRG #200P Wind Direction Vane, 10K, With Boot

The industry standard wind direction vane used worldwide. Thermoplastic and stainless steel components resist corrosion and contribute to a high strength-to-weight ratio.

4415 Relative Humidity Sensor

Relative Humidity Sensor RH-5X

RH-5X continuous measurement relative humidity sensor.

Temperature Sensor

NRG #110S Temperature Sensor with Radiation Shield

Durable integrated circuit temperature sensor provides a high level voltage output signal. Ideal for collecting temperature data for energy density calculations and monitoring air temperature at remote sites.

2046 NRG

NRG #BP20 Barometric Pressure Sensor

Absolute pressure sensor which provides a high level voltage output signal that is proportional to absolute pressure.

1948 Li-Cor

Li-Cor #LI-200SZ Pyranometer

The Li-Cor #LI-200SZ pyranometer is an excellent general purpose solar radiation sensor...

6889 Hukseflux

Hukseflux LP02 Pyranometer
Second class Sensor

LP02 is a solar radiation sensor / pyranometer that is applied in most common solar radiation observations...

2226 tipping Bucket

Tipping Bucket

This tipping bucket rain gauge provides inexpensive, accurate rainfall measurement...

NRG #40C Anemometer

NRG #40 Anemometer

The industry standard anemometer used worldwide. Constructed of rugged Lexan cups molded in one piece for repeatable performance.

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