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Solar Resource Assessment in Pakistan

The need to accurately determine the solar resource is vital. The amount and variation of solar radiation at your project site are key factors determining the profitability of your solar investment. East West Infiniti (P) Ltd has vast experience in providing customized solutions depending on the customer’s requirement and financial constraints.

Ground-based Solar Resource Assessment (SRA) measurements along with satellite-based data significantly reduce the uncertainty of your energy estimate compared to using only satellite data — which can have an uncertainty as high as 10% or more.

Determining the potential of solar radiation at a given site is called “resource assessment”. Two main components of solar radiation are direct normal radiation and diffuse radiation. Solar photovoltaic panels convert both types of radiation into electricity. Solar thermal systems, on the other hand, rely mostly on the direct normal radiation. As a rule of thumb, clouds absorb about 20% of the incoming radiation. Thus, determining the long-term characteristics of cloud cover is an essential part of solar radiation modeling.

With Solar Resource Assessment system supplied by East West Infiniti (P) Ltd powered by NRG Systems and sensors from LICOR Biosciences and Hukseflux provide reduced data with uncertainty directly translates to lower risk and better funding terms. The only way to truly understand the solar resource at a prospective site is to conduct a ground-based solar mapping/measurement campaign.