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Met Masts

With over thirteen years’ experience and a proven track record in wind resource assessment , East West Infiniti (P) Ltd can provide a range of turnkey wind monitoring services for proposed wind farm sites.

East West Infiniti (P) Ltd, is leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of wind resource monitoring masts.

65m to 90m High Lattice type masts are designed withstand and perform in demanding environment conditions, designed specifically for wind resource measurements our met masts are designed EIA-222-G Standards.

Once assembled and installed, enables accurate wind resource monitoring at the defined height with minimal visual impact. These masts are specifically designed for remote monitoring and have been extensively designed for high wind conditions .

Modular designed components make it possible to transport these sections, with the help of small carts or small vehicles.

Once the Mast is assembled there is no need for any specialized equipments for working at heights. In case of need the instruments could be attended by climbing up.

All the required instruments you needed can be fitted and attended, replaced even after erecting the mast upwards.

The each mast section will be independently lifted up one after other by fastening at each level with supplied screws, nuts & washers. One lifting tackle, a rope & a lifting pulley are the few equipments required to erect the mast.

All our masts are supplied with aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel booms to meet instrument to mast separations greater than 9 mast diameters, to minimize the effects of mast wind shadow.

We offer complete wind measurement solutions encompassing met masts & meteorological equipment & support booms in accordance with your wind analysts specifications.

We take full responsibility for the complete installation of each met mast all of which is guaranteed providing you with peace of mind.

Fast installation times prove a great advantage in adverse conditions