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East West Infiniti

is one of Pakistan's leading companies in Alternate energy recourse assessment specializing in Wind and Solar energy and monitoring services.

East West Infiniti has been providing Engineering & Technology solutions in Pakistan since 1984; including products and services in meteorological instrumentation and weather stations. With more than 29 years experience we are an Industry leader in providing products & services to the alternate energy industry.

We provide equipment or complete turnkey systems for wind energy resource & solar energy assessment and power performance measurement. Offered systems have a wide range of options for measuring wind speed, wind direction, air density, electric power, solar radiation etc. Time stamped measurements are logged in a data logger at requirement specific intervals in the onsite data are stored locally in an onsite datalogger, which can be communicated over a GSM/GPRS communication network to a central office located hundreds of miles away.

East West Infiniti can provide industry standard wind, solar or meteorological measurement and logging solutions or one customized just for your specific project objectives. Besides logging equipment for feasibility studies, we can offer equipment and solutions for power performance measurement of Wind Energy Turbine farms to assess the production curves of the wind farms vis-à-vis the available wind.

We are the authorized wind distributors in Pakistan for Renewable NRG Systems, USA the world renowned manufacturer of wind and solar energy assessment equipment, Wind industry’s #1 choice for long-term, professional wind energy studies and all weather instrumentation needs.